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Bellari Moving Coil Matching Transformer (MT502)

Bellari Moving Coil Matching Transformer (MT502)

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Use MC Cartridges with MM Phono Sections This American-Made Step-Up Transformer Rivals the Performance of $1000 Units The Bellari MT502 allows low-output moving-coil cartridges to be used with any standard moving magnet phono preamp Completely passive the MT502 uses high-quality hand-wound transformers to convert the low output of a MC cartridge to a higher voltage more suitable for a MM phono stage Nestled beneath 24k Gold plated covers these transformers are extremely quiet and stable allowing maximum signal transfer with minimum loss The MT502 provides up to 30dB of gain to a MC cartridge allowing even the lowest output MC cartridges to be used! The MT502 has selectable impedance settings (50/100 Ohms) and a ground lift switch Mates perfectly with other Bellari phono preamps but works great with any MM phono section Use an MT502 to upgrade the capabilities of built-in MM phono sections such as those included in receivers integrated amps and preamps! All Bellari products are manufactured in the USA

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