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IsoAcoustics Orea Series Audio Equipment Isolators

IsoAcoustics Orea Series Audio Equipment Isolators

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Dimensions (WXH)

1.6"X1.1" (40X27mm)

2"x1.1" (50x29mm)

2.3"x1.3" (58x33mm)

2.6"x1.4" (67x36mm)






Weight Capacity

4lbs (1.8 kg) per unit

8lbs (3.6 kg) per unit

16lbs (7.2 kg) per unit

32lbs (14.5) per unit

Weight Capacity per 3 units

12lbs (5.4 kg)

24lbs (10.8 kg)

48lbs (21.6 kg)

96lbs (43.5 kg)

Weight Capacity per 4 units

16lbs (7.2 kg)

32lbs (14.4 kg)

64lbs (28.8 kg)

128lbs (58 kg)


1 Unit (Single)

1 Unit (Single)

1 Unit (Single)

1 Unit (Single)

  • WINNER of the Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2020, 2019 Stereophile Product of the Year, 2019 The EAR Product of the year & 2019 The EAR Editors Choice.
  • Eliminates parasitic vibrations and provides greater sound clarity and focus.
  • Provides extraordinary levels of isolation for electronic audio components including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables.
  • Weight capacity: 16 pounds (7.2 KG) per isolator. It is recommended to use 3 or 4 units under each component. The total weight capacity is 48 lbs when using 3 units and 64 lbs when using 4 units.
  • Package includes Qty 1 OREA Indigo isolator. The OREA Indigo are sold as single units because 3 or more units are recommended under each component, depending on the weight.
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