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Pro Co Lil' RAT Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

Pro Co Lil' RAT Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

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Pro Co's Legendary Hard-clipping Distortion Goes Mini A pedal collection just isn't complete without a RAT distortion pedal. But what if you only have about two inches of breathing room on your pedalboard? No problem. The Pro Co Lil' RAT packs a full-blown RAT 2 into a micro-sized stompbox. The Lil' RAT offers all the tone and functionality of its larger predecessor: the familiar 3-knob layout, the rugged on/off footswitch, and the stylish "A" status LED. The only thing that's missing is the battery compartment. The RAT has always been renowned for its versatility, and the diminutive Lil' RAT is no exception. You can use it to hot rod your British high-gain head, send your on-the-brink American-style combo into sweet overdrive, or inject your squeaky-clean high-headroom amp with a dose of heavy-duty, fuzz-like grunge. The RAT's filthy, hard-clipping distortion and near-endless sustain are legendary. And now, thanks to the Pro

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