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Source Audio

Source Audio Collider Stereo Delay and Reverb

Source Audio Collider Stereo Delay and Reverb

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Atomic Delay and Reverb Combination What do you get when you combine a dense delay and radioactive reverb? To find out, the mad scientists at Source Audio took the Nemesis Delay and Ventris Reverb and smashed them together at high speed. When they had finished their experiments, the One Series Collider Delay + Reverb emerged from the rubble carrying the best features from each pedal. This pedal has seven reverb types and five delay engines crammed into one housing with intuitive controls. It’s loaded with dual 56-bit DSP processors that give you enough experimental potential to run both effects simultaneously. The Collider Stereo Delay + Reverb from Source Audio will unleash unique tones that are perfect for the guitarist that’s always experimenting.Diverse delay engines Do you like having options? So do the pedal fanatics at GearNuts. The Collider is equipped with the five most popular delay engines from the Source

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