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Source Audio

Source Audio One Series Aftershock Bass Distortion

Source Audio One Series Aftershock Bass Distortion

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The Only Bass Distortion Pedal You Need Out of the box, Source Audio's Aftershock bass distortion pedal packs three potent overdrive engines to deliver tremendous tonal range that encompasses every flavor of dirt your bass could ever desire. The Tube engine serves up a powerful — yet subtle — vintage tube overdrive with creamy breakup and gobs of punch. Heavy spits out aggressive scooped distortion with crisp highs and massive lows. The Fuzz engine has an intense palette of germanium fuzz tones on tap, all of it sporting beaucoup bottom and gargantuan grit. Aftershock’s elegant, powerful control panel gives you the tools to finely sculpt your signature bass tones. Its Clean knob is a dry/wet blender that lets you mix in just enough clean signal to maintain rock-solid low end without affecting the pedal’s prodigious girthy growl. Adjust the onboard Tone control to find the sweet spot on the Richter

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