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Source Audio

Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter Pedal

Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter Pedal

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Premium Filter, Octave, and Distortion FX for Your Guitar or Bass Source Audio poured their extensive filter design expertise into the Spectrum Intelligent Filter, an incredibly powerful stereo filter pedal that delivers stunning envelope sounds to your guitar or bass rig. Packing premium envelope filter effects inspired by legendary pedals, Spectrum includes raunchy distortion as well as synth-like octave and envelope phaser options that turn it into a fully integrated, self-contained jam/funk machine. Spectrum's six meticulously crafted factory patches give you instant plug-and-play gratification. And when you're in the mood to dive deeper into sound design, connect Spectrum to Source Audio's Neuro Desktop Editor (free download for Mac and Windows) or Neuro Mobile App (free download for iOS and Android), and the sky's the limit.Simple out of the box, deep under the hood Out of the box, the Spectrum Intelligent Filter was designed to deliver an effortless plug-and-play experience with

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