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Source Audio

Source Audio True Spring Reverb and Tremolo

Source Audio True Spring Reverb and Tremolo

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Definitive Spring Reverb Tone and Three Sweet Tremolo Modes The Source Audio True Spring Reverb pedal packs some of the most realistic spring reverb tones you'll find in a pedal. And if that isn't magical enough for you, it also boasts three vibrant tremolo effects. From short ambient bursts to splashy tank-style surf reverb, the True Spring Reverb pedal delivers definitive spring sound, and you can tweak the spring tone to an astonishing degree with the free Neuro Editor software. Once you've created your custom tones, you can save up to three presets on the pedal for instant recall. If you've thought that you'll never be able to get a true spring reverb sound out of an effects pedal, then you need to try the Source Audio True Spring Reverb.Three spring modes The True Spring Reverb pedal's three spring modes — Short, Long, and Tank — cover a lot of

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